Xpeed X-Series Squat Rack

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Xpeed X-Series Squat Rack

The Xpeed X-Series Squat Rack is the perfect addition to your home, studio or club training setup. Built to withstand training the big compound movements including pushing, pulling, hinging and squatting. It's an ideal piece of gym equipment for those who don't have the space for a full cage or rack in their home gym. It is sturdy yet able to be moved to suit your training needs. Conversely, this squat rack has pre drilled holes for the option to secure the rack with dyna bolts.

This Xpeed Squat Rack combines well with the Xpeed D Series Barbell, P Series Barbell, Rubber Olympic Plates, Bumper Plates and an adjustable bench. 

*Barbells and plates sold separately*

✔️ J Hooks
✔️ Safety Arm Bars
✔️ Chin Up Bar with knurled grip
✔️ Matte Black Finish
✔️ Option to Dyna Bolt to floor 
✔️ Weight Rating 350kg
✔️ Easy to set up and maintain


  • Built: - H: 2250mm / W: 1200mm / D: 1700mm
  • Boxed: - L: 223cm / W: 39.5cm / H: 16cm
  • Weight: 52kg


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