Xpeed Resistance Tube

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Xpeed Resistance Tubes

Build a better body with Xpeed Resistance Tubes. The training guide included with your purchase will help strengthen and tone muscles whilst improving your coordination, mobility, stability and balance. Resistance Tubes are a versatile training tool that can provide a very light or heavy resistance to help target specific muscles. They are easy on muscles and joints which makes them great for movement prep, pre-habilitation and rehabilitation.

The addition of handles makes the tubes easy to hold and use for a variety of different exercises. A key feature is that they’re light, easy to carry, easy to use and are perfect for home, travel and office use. Tubes can be used to work all major muscle groups. Generally speaking a beginner would start with a lighter strength before moving onto a heavier band.


✔ Lightweight and Portable, Workout Anywhere, Anytime

✔ Helps Tone and Shape Majority of Muscle Groups

✔ Ideal for Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

✔ Ideal for Your Warm Up Before Sporting Events

✔ Safe on Your Joints


90 day warranty for both commercial or domestic use. In order to increase the longevity of this item we strongly recommend using it for the intended purposes only. Not following directions for use may cause splits which will void the warranty. Avoid storing in direct sunlight, leaving exposed in a car or using on or around sharp surfaces.

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