Xpeed Professional Angled Boxing Bag

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Enhance your training regimen with the Xpeed Professional Angled Boxing Bag, designed to offer superior versatility and durability. This unique bag is perfect for boxing enthusiasts, personal trainers and athletes who aim to sharpen their striking skills with precision and control.

Designed for Optimal Training

The Xpeed Professional Angled Boxing Bag stands out with its innovative angled design, allowing you to execute a variety of punches, from jabs and hooks to uppercuts and body shots. Crafted from the same robust 1500GSM HD material as our premium bags, this angled bag is built to withstand the most intense workouts.

Superior Impact Absorption

Maximise your training efficiency with the bag’s exceptional impact absorption capabilities. The rag-filled construction, combined with a 10mm layer of regenerated sponge lining, ensures that every strike is absorbed efficiently, reducing stress on your joints and hands.

Enhanced Stability and Control

The Xpeed Professional Angled Boxing Bag offers unmatched stability, thanks to its six chain links connected to a reinforced patch. This secure hanging system ensures consistent movement, giving you the control needed to refine your techniques and improve your performance.

Perfect for Diverse Training Styles

Whether you're focusing on boxing, MMA, or general fitness, the angled design of this bag supports a wide range of training styles. It is particularly effective for practising combination punches, head and body strikes, and defensive moves, enabling you to develop a comprehensive skill set.

Easy to Install and Maintain

This bag is not only easy to set up but also designed for longevity and ease of maintenance. Its sturdy construction guarantees enduring performance, even under rigorous training conditions.




1500GSM HD Material


Foam Lined with 10mm Regenerated Sponge Lining

Chain Links

6 x Chain links connected to reinforced patch

Ideal for

Combination punches, head and body strikes, defensive moves

Bag Dimensions

Height: 162cm, Width: 60cm (widest), Width: 38cm (smallest)

Shipping Dimensions

50kg weight, H: 164cm, W: 62cm, L: 62cm



Angled Design

Allows for a variety of punches, enhancing training versatility and precision.

1500GSM HD Material

Durable and robust, ensuring longevity even with intense use.

Foam Lined with 10mm Regenerated Sponge Lining

Provides excellent impact absorption, reducing strain on joints and hands.

Six Chain Links

Ensures secure hanging and stability during training.

Ideal for Various Training Styles

Perfect for boxing, MMA, and general fitness, supporting comprehensive skill development.


Enhances durability and maintains shape over time.


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