Xpeed Pro Series Stirrup Handle

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Xpeed Pro Series Stirrup Handle 

The Xpeed 360 Stirrup Handle is a commercial grade cable attachment that features the ability to rotate 360 degrees, a knurled grip for performance and stylish matte black finish. This style of stirrup helps add variety to your training regime without jerky movements thanks to the 360 rotating eyelet. Built to last it's the perfect piece of fitness equipment to your training setup. 

This style of stirrup handle cane be used for exercises such as rows, presses, flies, Curls and more.

 Exercise Profile
 Target muscle group:  Biceps, Pectorals, Rhomboids
 Movement Type:  Strength - Push. Pull, Press
 Other equipment required:  Cable machine
 Experience level:  Beginner


✔️ Easy to Attach
✔️ Revolving Attachment Point
✔️ Constructed of Solid Steel Bar and Black Matte Finish
✔️ Solid Steel
✔️ Knurled Handle


  • Handle Width - 125 mm
  • Footprint - 14 cm x 23 mm
  • Handle Thickness - 25 mm
  • Weight - 1.5kg
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