Xpeed Olympic 5ft Hex Trap Bar

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Xpeed 5ft Olympic Hex Trap Bar

The Xpeed 5ft Olympic Hex Trap Bar is one of most popular products, in fact Olympic Hex Trap Bars are  considered by weight lifters to be one of the most innovative pieces of strength training equipment in many decades. It was originally designed as an alternative form of weight training due to the inventor’s lower back injury. Using the  Olympic Hex Trap Bar places less stress on your spinal extensors during the lift as it brings the weight closer to the midline of your body. As a result of this you're also able to generate more power from the start of the movement. It is also a great tool for coaches to use when teaching the deadlifting pattern.

Essentially, if you’re looking for a specialty bar that will help get you strong, help keep you safe, and help add a ton of variety to your training, the trap bar is a top choice.


Benefits of Trap Bar Deadlifts

Requires the use of all major muscle groups.

Provides overall strength and growth to muscle groups such as quads, hamstrings, glutes, spinal erectors, obliques, abdominals and lower back muscles.

Increases forearm and grip strength.


Features & Specifications

Bar Length 152cm
Bar Weight 25kg  | 50lbs
Handle Diameter 28mm 
Sleeve Length 42cm Loadable Sleeve
Shaft Length N/A
Sleeve Diameter 51mm
Type Alloy Steel  |  Hardened Chrome
Weight Rating 300kg  |  660lbs
Bearings N/A
Knurling Fine, Central Knurling with Hand Position Markings
Whip N/A
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