Xpeed Modular Rig Attachments

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Component: Torsonator

Xpeed Modular Rig Attachments

The Xpeed Modular Rig Components can be purchased to customise your rig or increase your wall mounted bays. These items include Dip Bars, S Bars, Tri Crosses, Crossbeams, Chin Up bars, J Hooks, Safety Arms, Monkey Bars and Torso Trainer.

Looking for pre made bundles? Hit the links below. 

1 Cell Wall Mounted Rig

2 Cell Wall Mounted Rig

3 Cell Wall Mounted Rig

1 Cell Free standing Rig

2 Cell Free Standing Rig

3 Cell Free Standing Rig

Want to build your own Rigs? Simply select all the components you need and add them to your cart. If you need some reference points, the pre made bundles above will show the components used to build our bundle packs. 

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