Xpeed Loop Bands

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Xpeed Loop Bands

Build a better body with the Xpeed Loop Bands. Our training guide included will help you strengthen and tone muscles whilst improving your coordination, mobility, stability and balance. Loop bands maintain resistance throughout the concentric and eccentric parts of an exercise. As a result, your muscles are well stimulated during loop band exercises. Which helps create greater range of motion and overall strength. Train anywhere, anytime with this handy training tool.
Why use Loop Bands?
When warming up Loop Bands are used to create an additional level of tension in your warm-up exercises. This activates the muscles you wish to target during your warm up and makes you even more prepared to start moving during your workout or game. They're a powerful training tool not just for athletes but the beginner and intermediate user as well.


✔ Lightweight and Portable, Workout Anywhere, Anytime

✔ Helps Tone and Shape Majority of Muscle Groups

✔ Ideal for Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

✔ Ideal for Your Warm Up Before Sporting Events

✔ Safe on Your Joints

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