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Xpeed Foam Roller Mini

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Colour: Black

Xpeed 30cm EVA Foam Roller

Experience the benefits of Self Myofascial Release (SMR) with the Xpeed 30cm EVA Foam Roller. Whether it?s for improving performance or general health, foam rolling can help relieve muscle tightness, reduce muscle soreness, decrease inflammation and increase range of motion. Our foam rollers are simple in design which makes them strong, durable and practical. Featuring a textured dimple surface to help stimulate blood flow and assist with SMR, this is the must have training tool for the professional athlete right through to the weekend warrior. 

This style of foam roller are made using a ?one piece construction? meaning they will not distort or flatten under extensive usage. Build A Better Body with Xpeed.


- Relieve tight muscles

- Reduce soreness & stress

- Reduce inflammation

- Increase blood flow and circulation

- Increase range of motion

- Additional uses for yoga and pilates

- Use for pre-habilitation 

- Improve sport performance


- Black / Blue


- Medium density 

- EVA foam for unmatched durability

- Dimpled surface for increased stimulation

- One piece Construction

- 15cm x 30cm

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