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Xpeed D-Series Olympic Barbell

Xpeed D-Series Olympic Barbell

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Xpeed D-Series Olympic Barbell

The Xpeed D Series Olympic Barbell is the ideal bar to master your technique in a gym, studio or home setup. Overall this 20kg barbell is not designed for Olympic lifting or to be dropped during use.  A controlled rotation and coarser knurling provides a unique feel and a firm grip on the bar. As a result, a unique feel and a firm grip on the bar is provided. 



 Bar Length:  7ft / 215cm
 Barbell Weight:  20kg
 Sleeve Length:  41cm Loadable Length
 Type:  Hardened Chrome Shaft & Sleeves
 Weight Rating:  300kg / 650lb
 Bearings:  Ball Bearings + Brass Bushing
 Knurling:  Coarse, Central Knurling with Hand Position Markings
 Whip:  Firm Resistance for Controlled Use


Xpeed Olympic Barbells:

Xpeed D-Series Olympic Barbell

  • Entry level use
  • Not suitable for dropping
  • May be used in home studios

Xpeed P-Series Olympic Barbell

  • Mid range use
  • Suitable to drop with usage of bumper plates and rubber flooring
  • Not to be dropped from above shoulder height
  • May be used in home studios/ semi-commercial environments such as schools and sporting clubs. 

Xpeed X-Series Olympic Barbell

  • High end use
  • Suitable for all styles of lifting/ dropping with the use of bumper plates and rubber tiles
  • May be used in all environments/ commercial facilities
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