Xpeed D-Series 6ft Olympic Barbell

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D Series 6ft Olympic Barbell

The D Series 6ft Olympic Barbell is the ideal bar to master your technique in a gym, studio or home setup. Overall this barbell is not designed for Olympic lifting or to be dropped during use.

Some of the leading features of this beginner barbell is the controlled rotation coupled with the coarser knurling. As a result, a unique feel and a firm grip on the bar is provided. For heavier lifts you can add the X Series or P Series Barbells to your training tool kit.


 Bar Length:  6ft / 182cm
 Barbell Weight:  14.7kg
 Sleeve Length:  2 x 25cm Loadable Length
 Internal Length  1260 mm
 Type:  Hardened Chrome Shaft & Sleeves
 Weight Rating:  300kg / 650lb
 Bearings:  Brass Bushing
 Knurling:  Coarse, Central Knurling with Hand Position Markings
 Whip:  Firm Resistance for Controlled Use




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