Xpeed Chalk Balls

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Xpeed Chalk Balls

Lift heavier for longer, improve your grip and protect against skin tears with Xpeed Chalk Balls. Gym chalk balls offer the same superior grip and moisture absorption as lifting chalk. However, they provide the added benefit of less mess and a longer lifespan, making them a more convenient and cost-effective option for the user. Experience a firm grip thanks to the optimal sensory feedback that chalk provides your palms and fingertips. In addition, lifting chalk soaks up moisture on the palms and hands which aids your grip and prevents potential skin tears, particularly on calluses. Build A Better Body with Xpeed Lifting Chalk.


  • Quality magnesium carbonate chalk filled bag
  • Improve comfort and security during training sessions
  • Use for powerlifting 
  • Maximise grip
  • Drawstring release for easy refill.


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