Xpeed Cambered Row Barbell

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Xpeed Cambered Row Barbell

The Xpeed Cambered Row Barbell provides a great way to mix up your workout routine and optimise your Bent Over Rows. With a 15cm indent this barbell is specifically designed to offer a greater range of movement for pulls and rows, creating a challenging and effective workout for your upper back and shoulders.

How often do you see a set of Bent Over Rows with a straight barbell end up as a set of upright rows? When rowing over a bench the extra room provided by the cambered section allows for full retraction of the scapula as the elbows drive further back with the movement.

The cambered design allows you to maintain perfect form throughout your reps, and the added weight resistance will help you build muscle mass faster. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned gym goer, our Cambered Barbell is sure to help you take your Bent Over Rows to the next level!


Features & Specifications

Bar Length 7ft  |  215cm
Bar Weight 20kg  |  44lbs
Bar Diameter 28mm 
Sleeve Length 42cm Loadable Sleeve
Shaft Length 131cm Collar to Collar
Sleeve Diameter 51mm
Type Alloy Steel  |  Black Oxide Shaft
Weight Rating 450kg  |  1000lbs
Bearings 4 x Needle Bearing + Brass Bushing
Knurling Fine, Central Knurling with Hand Position Markings
Whip Slightly Rigid / Easy to Manoeuvre


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