Xpeed Battle Rope Anchor

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Xpeed Battle Rope Anchor

The Xpeed Battle Rope Anchor provides a safe and secure anchor point for the Xpeed series of Battle Ropes.
Alternatively it can also be used for Xpeed Resistance Bands and Tubes or suspension trainers.
Using the 4 supplied mounting bolts, simply bolt it to the floor or mount on a wall.

Strong enough to handle the intense stress of heavy battle rope training and body weight suspension training.
The anchor opening measures 60mm x 70mm providing enough room for most battle rope diameters.
The Xpeed Battle Rope Anchor also comes supplied with 4 mounting bolts.

* Battle Ropes, resistance band training and body weight suspension training
* Great for gyms, training studios and home use
* Accommodates all Xpeed Battle Ropes
* Built strong for high intensity training
* Includes 1 x Anchor and 4 x Mounting Bolts


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