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Xpeed Alpha Half Rack

Xpeed Alpha Half Rack

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Xpeed Alpha Commercial Half Rack

The Xpeed Alpha Commercial  Half Rack features  3 way multi-grip chin up handles and an over sized chin up/ crossbeam support which is ideal for TRX use. The Xpeed Alpha Commercial Half Rack comes complete with a set of safety spotter arms, 2 x Olympic barbell storage and 4 x Olympic weight plate storage. 


Optional Attachments:
1. Band Pegs (Pair) w/storage holder
2. Plyo Platform Attachment
3. Dip Handle Attachment
4. Adjustable Rotating Multi-Grip Chin Up Handles includes 2 Rock Balls
5. Chin Up Rock Ball (Singular)
6. Rope Pull Attachment (Battle Rope available separately)
7. Boxing Bag Hanger

Tech Specs:

Assembled Dimensions: W 123 x H 230 x D 152cm

Carton Specs:
Box 1) H 231 x W 27 x D 17cm (Weight 61kg)
Box 2) H 158 x W 45 x D 17cm (Weight 48kg)
Box 3) H 134 x W 49 D 30cm (Weight 49kg)


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