Xpeed Alpha Flat Bench V2

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Xpeed Alpha Flat Bench V2

Take your workouts to a new level with the Xpeed Alpha Flat Bench V2. This versatile and durable bench is designed to support your fitness journey with its exceptional features and construction.

The bench is equipped with a custom-moulded PU foam pad, providing unparalleled comfort and stability during intense training sessions. Whether you're performing chest presses, tricep dips, or core exercises, this bench offers reliable support for a wide range of exercises.

Two standout features of the Xpeed Alpha Flat Bench V2 is its reinforced handle integrated directly into the frame and the in-built upright storage. This innovative design ensures easy handling and transportation, making it convenient to move the bench around and store in your workout space.

For added stability, the bench is equipped with robust rubber feet that grip the floor securely, preventing any unwanted movement during exercises. The commercial-grade wheels further enhance manoeuvrability, allowing you to position the bench effortlessly for optimal workout performance.

Designed for both home and commercial use, the Xpeed Alpha Flat Bench V2 is a reliable and essential addition to any fitness setup. Build A Better Body With Xpeed.

Robust Support

Experience unparalleled versatility with the Xpeed Alpha Flat Bench. Designed with a fixed position, this bench is strategically crafted to provide stability and support for a wide range of exercises. With its durable construction and robust design, you can trust this bench to elevate your workouts and target various muscle groups effectively.

Portable Design

Designed with convenience in mind, the Xpeed Alpha Flat Bench features an integrated handle for easy transportation. The sturdy grip ensures stability while moving the bench, while the heavy-duty commercial-grade wheels allow smooth mobility on any gym floor. When not in use, the built-in upright stand keeps the bench securely in place, saving space and maintaining a neat workout area.

Engineered For Performance

The Xpeed Alpha Flat Bench is meticulously engineered for exceptional performance and durability. With a robust tube size of 75?3mm, this bench offers superior structural integrity, providing stability and support during your workouts. Experience enhanced performance and confidence in your training sessions with the Xpeed Alpha Flat Bench.

  • Solid Commercial Steel Construction
  • In-Built Upright Storage
  • 500kg Weight Rating
  • Commercial Grade Wheels and Integrated Handle for Manoeuvrability
  • Durable Custom Moulded Foam Pad

Weight Capacity: 500kg  (total combined user and loaded weight)
Product Weight: 34kg
Dimensions: 130cm x 64cm x 46cm (LxWxH)
Shipping Dimensions: 125cm x 36cm x 24cm (LxWxH)

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