Xpeed Ab Slings

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Xpeed Ab Slings

Don't let grip strength get in the way of your core sessions again thanks to the Xpeed Ab Slings. Our ab slings are designed to support your upper body during hanging abdominal exercises which allows you to target your core muscles. As a result, comfortably hang suspended for leg raises, oblique bends, knee raises and hangs.  

The ab straps come as a pair and have a carabiner attachment.

How to use Ab Slings?
Attach the sling to a pull up bar or rack via the carabiner clip which will leave the cloth loop material to hang down. Place your arms through cloth loops with your triceps resting on the cushioned sections. This will allow you to hang comfortably and bring your lower body up to perform your desired exercises.

Maintain a firm grasp on the material under the clip, this will provide support to lift your lower body into a crunch position. The goal is to use your core musculature to pull yourself up into a crunch position, be sure not to over arch your back during this movement. Make sure that you use a bench or plyo box to get into the start position with the ab slings.


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