Xpeed 70kg Competition Bumper Plate Bundle

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Material: Without Barbell & Collars

Xpeed 70kg Competition Plate Bundle

Take your lifting to the next level with our Xpeed Competition Bumper Plate Bundles. These bundled packs feature the Xpeed X Series Barbell and a combination of Xpeed Competition Bumper Plates and a pair of alloy collars. Choose between a 70kg Comp Bumper Plate Pack + 20kg Olympic Barbell, a 100kg Comp Bumper Plate Pack + 20kg Barbell bundle and a 150kg Comp Bumper Plate Pack + 20kg Barbell bundle.  

Get comp ready with this stunning set of bumper plates and barbell. The X-Series Barbell is the most premium barbell we range and is designed for repeated use with Cross Fit, Olympic lifting, Powerlifting and more.


2 x 5kg Xpeed Competition Bumper Plates
2 x 10kg Xpeed Competition Bumper Plates
2 x 20kg Xpeed Competition Bumper Plates


1 x Xpeed X-Series 7ft Olympic Barbell (Black, Silver, Red & Blue)
1 x Xpeed Olympic Alloy Collars (Black, Silver, Red & Blue)


  • Collar Opening: 50.4mm
  • Centre: Steel Disc Insert
  • Tolerances of +/- 10 grams per plate
  • Traditional IWF colours for easy identification
  • Compact thickness allows for more plates to be loaded on the bar.
  • Virgin Rubber
  • Low odour


Our competition bumper plates are test dropped in our factory 1000's of times for quality assurance and have a weight accuracy within 10 grams or less, which is necessary for sanctioned weightlifting competitions.


The competition bumpers feature a matte finish with flat white lettering. The raised lip in the edge of the bumper plate protects the lettering from scuffing and the steel insert from scratches.


The bounce of this style of plate when dropped with a barbell is determined by the hardness of the materials used. Due to the steel insert and type of rubber utilised in the construction of our bumper plates the result is minimal bounce during lifting.

Specifications (Plate Thickness)

5kg 23mm
10kg 30mm
15kg 42mm
20kg 50mm
 25kg 63mm
Plate Diameter 450mm
Centre Hole 52mm


    We offer a 12 month domestic warranty on the Xpeed Competition Bumper Plates, except for the 5kg plates. The 5kg plates have a limited warranty. We strongly advise that these plates only be dropped on lifting platforms or high density impact matting. Dropping directly onto concrete floors or other rough surfaces may damage the plate and such misuse may void your warranty.

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