TRX® Pro 4 Suspension Kit

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The TRX Pro4 system includes our most versatile Suspension Trainer and the TRX app, designed to let you fully personalize your workout. It has adjustable and padded foot cradles, upgraded webbing, and Microban-treated antimicrobial, textured rubber handles. Includes three types of anchoring solutions and a free one-year subscription to the TRX app.


All-In-One Fitness Solution. Science-backed. Athlete-tested. You-approved. Pro 4 is a full-body system designed for high-volume strength, cardio, and mobility training anywhere.

Premium Rubber Grip. Patented rubber handles stand up to sweat and friction from your most intense training sessions.

Adjustable Foot Cradles. Velcro foot cradles are quick and easy to adjust. Find the perfect fit for upper body, lower body, and core exercises.

Sets Up in Seconds. The Pro4 System comes with everything you need—no tools required. Use a door, tree, or pole, and start moving.

Pro-Grade Carabiner. The locking carabiner—exclusive to Pro4 models—easily connects and secures your straps to any anchoring solution.

What's In The Box

TRX Pro Suspension Trainer. The weighing only .7kg and designed to support up to 158 kg.

TRX Xtender. Allowing the straps to be anchored on a high or oversized anchor point.

TRX Suspension Anchor. Attaches to any sturdy anchor point such as a tree, fence or poles.

TRX Door Anchor. Set up your TRX Suspension Trainer on any sturdy door.

TRX Mesh Carry Bag. A nylon/mesh storage bag that is easy to store and can be taken anywhere.

The Main Features of the TRX Pro Kit. Light weight, lockable 6 x safety factor carabiner, self leveling equaliser loop, locking loop, neoprene padded foot cradles, commercial grade rubber handles and a one year warranty.

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