Treadmill Belt Lubricant

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Treadmill Belt Lubricant

The Treadmill Belt Lubricant will keep your treadmill running smoothly and quietly thanks to the 100% Silicone Grade Oil. Regularly lubricating your running deck with silicone oil reduces friction and wear on your running belt. As a result, you’ll extend the life of your treadmill and protect this valuable fitness investment. Included in this pack are 6 x 10ml application bottles for simple and easy use with instructions included.


Features & Benefits

Easy to use


6 x 10ml application bottles

100% silicone grade oil

Formulated to withstand high heat and compression

Designed especially for treadmill lubrication


How Often to Lubricate Your Treadmill?

1 application per bottle = 10ml of silicon oil

New treadmill Once per week for the first month

Once per month thereafter
Second Hand Treadmill Once per month
Commercial or 10 + hours of use a week Double the above recommendations


How to Lubricate a Running Deck

Step 1 - Safety first. Make sure that your treadmill is switched off and unplugged from the wall.

Step  2 - Access the Deck. You'll need access to the treadmill running deck. This is the smooth bit of wood under the running mat. If it’s not possible to simply lift the edge of the mat because it’s too tight, you may have to loosen the rollers. This is a fairly simple process which you can do by following the instructions in your treadmill manual. Once you have some slack, you're ready to oil the deck. 

Step 3 - Applying the lubricant can be a little fiddly. Firstly, determine your strike zone on the running mat. You'll want to apply oil on the deck under where your feet repeatedly impact the mat. Once you've lifted the mat with one hand, apply an even spread of 1 application (5ml) of silicone oil onto the middle of the running deck. 

Step 4 - Lower the treadmill mat and you're done. If you need to re-tighten the treadmill roller screws, do so, making sure they're secure and that you’re following the instructions from your treadmill manual.

Step 5 - Plug the treadmill back in and turn the power on. Walk on your treadmill at a speed of 3-5kph for roughly five minutes. This will ensure the oil spreads evenly across the deck surface.

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