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Xpeed Hand Wraps

Xpeed Hand Wraps

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 Xpeed Hand Wraps (Pack of 1 Set)

The Xpeed Hand Wraps 2 Pack are made for breathable comfort and safety. Whether you’re blocking or striking during a fight there’s 27 bones in the hand that cop an absolute pounding. Wrapping your hands adds that extra layer of protection and support as your hands are put through different forces. Ideally padding protects the back of the hand, the knuckles and creates thumb support.


✔️ Cotton/Lycra blend for more comfortable and tighter fit.
✔️ Free mesh wash bag for your wraps.
✔️ 180″ of semi-elastic material.
✔️ Offers vital protection for the bones.
✔️ Hook & loop closure

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