Found–Space Nu-a II Infrared Sauna

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Remote Sauna Control
6 Sentiotec© Full Spectrum Infrared Heaters
Outcome Based Pre-Programmed Sessions
41 Day Dried Canadian Hemlock Wood
10.1″ Touch Screen
2 6″ Speaker Soundstage
Ambient Nature Audio Soundscapes
Flat Seating
282 LED / Infinite Colour Ceiling + Seat Chromotherapy
Clear or Tint Laminated Glass Option
8mm Thick Timber
1131 W/ Heat Density
70° Maximum


Specifications & Dimensions.

External: 1430mm x 1150mm x 2085mm (WxDxH)

Internal: 1185mm x 1020mm x 1850mm (WxDxH)

Capacity: 2 people

Heat Density: 1131w/M3

Weight: 297kg

Heaters: 9

Power: 2880 WATTS

Plugs: 1 x Circuit, 1 x 15AMP Plug & 1 x 10AMP Plug

Where Can My Sauna Be Placed.
  • The Nu-a II Sauna is for indoor installation. Outdoor installation may be possible if it is completely protected from the weather.
  • It must be installed on a hard, flat and level surface.
  • The weight of the sauna with users inside can be over 600kg. The surface the sauna is installed on must be able to support this.
  • If the Nu-a II is installed outside, the sauna must be entirely protected from the weather. In colder climates, the heat-up time will be affected.
  • The Nu-a II is 2880 watts and requires Requires 2 power points. 1 x circuit, 1 x 15amp GPO, 1 x 10amp GPO
  • There needs to be adequate space around the sauna for assembly. Depending on the surface, it may be possible to push the assembled sauna into a tighter space or up against a wall.
  • There must be a clearance of 30cm above the sauna.
WARRANTY Information.

Attentive, passionate customer care is a core value of the the
Found―Space team. Our customers are our family, and we
won't neglect family should something go wrong. We are
committed to provide ongoing service and support for you and
your sauna regardless of your location in Australia.

The Nyssa Sauna is back by:

  • Lifetime Warranty on electrical and heater components.
  • Lifetime Warranty on indoor sauna cabinets.
  • 5 year Warranty on smart sauna touch screen.
  • 10 year Warranty on smart sauna computer (FS-1)
Delivery & installation.

Purchase includes delivery and installation anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

Found—Space Hormetic technology products are detailed and complex products which require trained professionals to install. As part of our end-to-end service, Found—Space trained technicians deliver and install your Hormetic technology into your home or business and this service is included in our pricing. We deliver and install your product for you wherever you live and into almost any area of the house, provided it fits the product installation requirements. And, if you move house, we can move the sauna for your too. Our technicians are professionally trained to best serve you. This service is provided anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

More Heat. More Lights. Quicker Benefits.

Your body will receive more red light and full spectrum infrared light in a Nu-a than any other sauna. This was achieved by installing as many as ten Sentiotec® Full Spectrum Infrared heaters in the Nu-a IV.

More light emitted means more light landing on your body which maximises the health benefits you’re after in less time. More light also reduces heat up times and reduces the initial time to sweat.

You feel hotter, quicker.


Product aftercare and support along with health and wellbeing education form an essential part of any Found Space purchase.

From product choices to installation. From product after-care to servicing, the entire process is included with your purchase.

We’re there when you need us for the entire time you own Found—Space products.