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AZAFIT Belt Squat By Ffittech

AZAFIT Belt Squat By Ffittech

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AZAFIT Belt Squat By Ffittech #FFBS40

Benefits of the Belt Squat:

  • Multiple Exercise Options Like Squats and Variations, Dips, Rowing Exercises
  • Including Squat Belt / Weight Belt Dips
  • Allows for Optimal Posture During Squat Training
  • Reduces back and knee stress
  • Brings the Best Possible Results with Significantly Lower Weights
  • Extremely Stable and Highly Resistant Construction
  • One-Handed Locking Lever
  • Training Belt Holder Can be Adjusted 5 Times in Depth
  • Height-Adjustable Handles up to 5 Positions 
  • Immersion Bars can be Snapped Into Place Quickly and Securely
  • 40cm Length Weight Plate Holders to Suit Olympic Plates
  • Platform with a Comfortable Overall Width of 115cm and Depth of 65cm


 Length:  210cm
 Width:  110cm
 Height  146cm
 Product Weight:  198kg
 Max Load Capacity:  300kg


The new AZAFIT Belt Squat by FFITTECH allows for optimal training results with significantly reduced stress on the back and knees compared to conventional squat training and machines. A hugely important benefit of the belt squat is that the user can load the lower body without loading the spine or using the upper body, so it can be hugely useful for athletes with tricky backs and shoulders. Some people even find squats problematic due to tight elbows, using the belt squat completely avoids that issue. Therefore when using the Belt Squat it's less stressful on the spine while still providing many of the stability and balance benefits of the barbell squat.

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