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Top 5 Functional Training Cardio Machines for Group Training Classes that Will Elevate Your Fitness Business.

Top 5 Functional Training Cardio Machines for Group Training Classes that Will Elevate Your Fitness Business.

Top 5 Functional Training Cardio Machines for Group Training Classes that Will Elevate Your Fitness Business.

As a facility owner or manager chances are that you’ve tried a yoga class, squatted and lunged your way through a bootcamp or had a sticky beak at a Les Mills class to see what all the fuss is about. It’s fair to say you well and truly know what a group fitness class is about, in the times following Covid-19, many fitness facilities are looking for ways to improve and stand out from the rest and group fitness classes is a choice that is growing in popularity.

Fitness classes come in many disciplines but today we will be looking at the top 5 cardio functional machines that we at Fitness Warehouse Commercial believe will be winners in the group class game. We’re not talking about your everyday elliptical cross trainer or the treadmill here, the machines we’ve picked are unique and are ahead of the game with innovation and design.

So let’s get underway…

 Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer

Athlete running on Matrix S Drive Trainer

The Matrix S-Drive is an exciting self-powered treadmill that helps athletes refine form while building power, endurance, and agility. Some of the unique features of the S-Drive include eleven levels of real feel parachute resistance and a built-in bar with eight resistance settings to simulate sled pushing. Besides those high-tech features, this treadmill has a 7-degree incline and natural ground reaction force technology which allows the athlete to build strength and explosiveness without changing their natural manner of running.

Why we recommend the S-Drive?

  • This piece of equipment could be popular amongst your class members as it is quite particular in its design and capabilities.
  • Its parachute resistance technology brings a new dynamic to your class members giving them an exciting new experience.
  • The push and pull resistance capabilities means there are numerous workouts you can do on the Matrix S-Drive

     Kaesun Curved Sprint Treadmill

    A Pair of Kaesun Curved Treadmill

    The Kaesun Curved Treadmill is another self-powered treadmill but this time with a concave design. The curved design enhances the vertical and horizontal contours allowing the runner to pull down and back on the belt with every stride. In other words, this sprint treadmill allows the athlete to run or walk at their own pace, keeping them in control of their intensity and explosiveness.

    The Kaesun Curved SprintTreadmill is well engineered with 56 individual slat structures and 96 precision ball bearings for a continuous smooth motion. The LCD display also allows your class members to monitor their performance with metrics in time, distance, speed, calories, pace, and heart rate.

    Why we recommend the Kaesun Curved Treadmill?

    • Great for Hiit Training as the runner controls their own intensity and speed.
    • The curved feature will allow your class members to improve their running form
    • More muscle groups will be activated and more calories will be burnt while using the curved treadmill


     Concept2 Ski Erg

    athlete using concept2 skierg

    When we think of cardio the first thing that pops into our mind is skiing right? No? For that reason, the Concept2 SkiErg is one of the most unique pieces of equipment on our list.

    The SkiErg helps build strength and endurance while using the poling motion of… you guessed it, Nordic skiing. This low impact motion provides a full body workout that not only works the arms but also the shoulders, legs, and core. Its design also easily accommodates for athletes with lower body injuries as one can sit or kneel while still getting a great upper body workout.

    Being part of the Concept2 range, the SkiErg is quality built with sophisticated technology including a performance monitor that accurately assess the users output and progress. But it’s the motion technology that sets Concept2 from the rest. The airflow resistance to the flywheel responds to every pull, giving you full control over your exertion and resistance.

    Why we recommend the Concept2 Ski Erg?

    • The skiing motion will be quite unique to your class members, working mostly the muscles of the upper body but does deliver a full body workout.
    • The rhythmic motion is low impact but high calorie burning making it suitable for members of all fitness levels.


     Schwinn AD8 Airdyne

    two athletes training on the Schwinn AD8 Airdyne

    If you’re looking at starting a class for high intensity full body training, then the Schwinn AD8 Airdyne is the perfect assault bike for the job. This bike leverages the iconic Schwinn air resistance technology to provide a full body cardio workout that other machines can’t deliver. The innovative design of the AirDyne leaves the challenge up to the rider. Basically, the more effort you put in, the more resistance it delivers.

    Besides its leading resistance technology, the Schwinn brand also delivers on comfort and durability with revolutionary precision in its design and placement of the handles, seat, and pedals to maximize performance with every motion.

     Why we recommend the Schwinn AD8 AirDyne?

    • The AirDyne is a non-impact workout making it suitable for members of all fitness levels.
    • Its an effective calorie burner making efficient weight loss a key feature to the class.
    • The Schwinn AD8 has a small footprint allowing classes in smaller spaces.

    Concept2 RowErg

    Athlete rowing on Concept2 RowErg in a warehouse

    The Concept2 RowErg makes rowing fun and comfortable whilst giving both an aerobic and strengthening workout for your class. And it comes as no surprise that it is the number 1 selling rowing machine in the World. It’s a functional piece of equipment that hits all major muscle groups and is suitable for all age groups and fitness levels.

    This rower is efficiently engineered specifically for the elite level athletes to train in their sport providing the most realistic feel of actual rowing on water. Like all machines in the Concept2 range, its airflow technology makes every stroke smooth and comfortable for the user giving rowers an overall pleasant experience.

     Why we recommend the Concept2 RowErg?

    • The RowErg increases cardiovascular fitness and body strength at the same time.
    • The low impact movement is ideal for members requiring rehabilitation.
    • The rowing action is quite relaxing and comfortable, making it suitable for members of all fitness levels and age groups.

    Group fitness glasses are beneficial in many ways. It brings the same benefits as personal training without the high costs for the attendees. It also creates a fun and social environment for members to motivate each other and try something new. If you’re looking at starting group classes for your business, the top 5 list is a great way to introduce new, innovative equipment to your members.


    The Fitness Warehouse Commercial staff are always here to help you with any information on the equipment above or any commercial grade fitness equipment.



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