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HGG Performance | TIB BAR™

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HGG Performance | TIB BAR™

Say goodbye to knee pain with the HGG Performance® Tib Bar™ - your game changing missing link to strength and conditioning, knee bulletproofing and injury prevention.

Easily Portable, Lightweight and Very Strong.

Ideal for Use in Home Gyms, Commercial Gyms and Outdoor Training Sessions. 

Used by Some of the World's Most Elite Sporting Teams & Athletes, Allied Health Professionals, and Military Personnel.

This item is made to order and may come with an extended lead time of 1-2 weeks. By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to this lead time. There are no refunds for change of mind. 



Helps to strengthen the tibialis anterior muscle and the muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding the ankle.

Improves performance in deceleration, sprint speed, direction change, jump height and ankle range of motion.

Strengthening these areas will also help to prevent and recover from knee pain, ankle sprains and shin splints. 

If you walk, run, sprint, jump or want to maintain longevity in your leg muscles for the rest of your life, then this piece of equipment is for you.



Made from Laser Cut Quality Australian Steel

Features a Stainless Steel 50mm sleeve (which will suit both Olympic & Competition 2 inch plates)

Features a Custom Locking Clamp to Hold Olympic Weights and a HGG Customised Collar

Cushioned Ankle Supports to Ensure Comfort

Matte Black Finish


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