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Found—Space Ice Bath

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Functional, efficient and beautifully designed. This new generation ice bath has a 316 stainless steel tub wrapped in Japanese Cedar timber and an inbuilt refrigeration unit that chills water to 3°C.

Controlled remotely with the Found—Space app.

TAKE THE PLUNGE The Ancient Greeks used ice baths. Hippocrates, in the 4th century BC, documented the use of cold water for “medicinal purposes and analgesic benefit”. The Ancient Romans used them too. Cold therapy or cryotherapy, has been used in traditional healing throughout time by civilisations all over the world. In the 1960s, scientists started exploring the use of cryotherapy to aid recovery from sports, research that continues to verify that Hippocrates was right all along.

WHY ICE BATH IS SO GOOD FOR YOU The Ice Bath is an effective piece of hormetic tech. Deliberate exposure to cold water is a practical way to get the body, brain and mind benefits of hormesis.


The Ice Bath can be located outdoors or indoors in a wet area.

It requires a hard, level surface capable of supporting up to 500k.

The area must be very well-ventilated, with at least 50cm clearance behind the chiller fan for ventilation.


Wet Weight 450kg
Dry Weight 95kg
Pump 0.8 HP
Minimum Temp 3 Degrees
Sterilisation Ozone
Plugs 10 Amp
SA Local Collection
Fast Dispatch
Best Price Guaranteed
Competitive Finance